Request for Information for a 22-Mile Priority Streetcar System


The District of Columbia (“District”) Department of Transportation (“DDOT”) hereby invites interested parties to respond to this Request for Information (“RFI”), see document below, regarding a proposed future solicitation to:

a. Deliver an urban streetcar system (“DC Streetcar”) under a design, build, finance, operate and maintain (“DBFOM”) framework, and

b. Deliver a non-regional bus system within the District including the provision of buses and storage and maintenance facilities as required, and operate and maintain the system (a) and (b) collectively are (“the Project”).

The District is seeking the industry’s perspective and feedback on the Project. This RFI is an inquiry only. No contract or agreement will be entered into as a result of this process, nor does this RFI initiate a formal procurement. However, the information contained in the responses to this RFI will help the District progress planning and development efforts for the Project, which may result in the launch of a formal procurement.


The District welcomes responses to this RFI from organizations meeting the following eligibility criteria (“Qualifying Organizations”):

a. Lead transportation infrastructure contractors [and major systems integrators] on transit systems of similar size, complexity and scale;

b. Rolling stock suppliers with manufacturing experience and capabilities relevant to the Project;

c. Transit operators of systems of similar size, complexity and scale;

d. Equity investors with a substantial development and investment track record in newbuild transportation projects exceeding US$250 million individually, particularly urban rail infrastructure.

Organizations that do not meet the eligibility criteria for responding to this RFI (e.g. providers of engineering and specialty construction or maintenance services; and/or lenders, legal or financial advisors, or other providers of professional services) are encouraged to participate in an RFI submission as part of a team that includes a Qualifying Organization. Please see section 7.8 herein entitled “Organizational Conflicts of Interest” for additional limitations on entities and individuals who will not be eligible to participate in an RFI submission.

Organizations that do not respond to this RFI shall not be precluded from participating in any future procurement for the Project. Such participation would be subject to demonstrating satisfaction of the
criteria stipulated in subsequent solicitation documents.

Qualifying Organizations are required to comply with the page limits stipulated in Appendix A (Questionnaire) and to restrict their submissions to a short cover letter together with the information specifically requested on the questionnaire.

[Qualifying Organizations responding to this RFI may be invited to participate in an Industry Input Workshops with DDOT’s project team.]

Additional information regarding the Project will be posted at Qualifying Organizations are therefore encouraged to monitor this site for any changes that may impact submissions, as well as for any future solicitation information related to the Project.


Respondents shall submit one (1) hard copy and six (6) electronic copies of the requested information on CD-Rom or DVD-Rom in a format that does not prevent the District from cutting and pasting content. Submissions shall be delivered, in sufficient time so that the District receives it no later than 2:00 p.m. on August 28, 2012 to:

Waiching Wong
District Department of Transportation c/o HDR
100 M Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

“Your Firm Name” and the RFI# DCKA-2012-I-0083 must be clearly indicated on the outside package and on the submission cover. Late submissions will not be considered.

Any questions concerning this RFI should be directed to Attention: Waiching Wong at Neither Waiching Wong nor any District employee or consultant is authorized to interpret the RFI or give additional information as to its requirements. Such interpretation or additional information will only be given by written addendum to this RFI by the undersigned.

Media Contact: John Lisle (DDOT) at 202-671-2004,