DDOT Selects Team to Operate and Maintain DC Streetcar


(Washington, D.C.) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) today announced it has selected an operations and maintenance team for the DC Streetcar Program. The RATP Dev McDonald Transit (RDMT) team brings the right mix of transit and rail expertise to the District, assuring a successful launch of the first line in late 2013.

“With this announcement, we now have the final piece in place needed to see the initial streetcar line operational next year,” said Mayor Vincent Gray. “We’re anxious to see cars running in the District again for the first time in over fifty years.”

The initial contract provides service for the 2.2 mile segment on H Street and Benning Road, NE. RDMT will be responsible for day-today functions associated with the operation of the line including: streetcar operation, maintenance of vehicles, inspection and maintenance of the electrical system and tracks, customer service, and management, hiring and training of staff.

Included in the contract is a First Source clause, calling for a minimum of fifty-one percent of any needed new hires to be District residents. More than thirty-five, permanent, new jobs are expected to be created to support the operations of the H Street/Benning Road streetcar line.

“Premium transit service is only one of the benefits of the DC Streetcar system. It will also create real jobs and training opportunities for District residents,” said DDOT Director Terry Bellamy. “As RDMT ramps up its operations over the next year we will be working closely with them to ensure they follow-through on their commitment to hire men and women from the communities the streetcars will serve.”

RDMT is a joint-venture team formed by RATP Dev America and its transit subsidiary McDonald Transit Associates, Inc.

“We were very proud to be selected to be the operator of this momentous project. It’s an exciting opportunity to be working in our Nation’s Capital and to provide to DDOT the worldwide streetcar expertise of the RATP Group,” said Mathieu Dunant, CEO of the RDMT joint-venture. “We look forward to working hand in hand with DDOT and all involved stakeholders. We are sure the DDOT Streetcar will have a very positive transforming effect on the community in DC.”

RATP Dev America is the U.S. operation and maintenance branch of RATP Group, one of the five largest transit operators in the world. RATP Group operates transit networks on five continents and in some of the world’s largest cities such as Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London and Sao Paulo, among others. In Paris, RATP operates and maintains the world’s largest multi-modal network that includes metro, bus, suburban heavy rail and streetcar systems, making more than three billion trips per year.

Based in Fort Worth, McDonald Transit Associates, Inc. has represented the standard of excellence in public transit operation and maintenance management and consulting services since 1972. McDonald Transit currently serves 32 contracts throughout the nation including Colorado Springs, Bryce Canyon, Fort Worth, Charlotte and has recently been selected to operate the bus network in Austin. Their scope of services ranges from full responsibility for management or operation of urban transit systems to operation of visitor shuttles.

For more information about the DC Streetcar, please visit www.dcstreetcar.com.

Media Contact: John Lisle (DDOT) at 202-671-2004, john.lisle@dc.gov