Benning Road Streetcar Extension Feasibility Study Complete

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(Washington, DC)  Released today, the Benning Road Streetcar Extension Feasibility Study examines the planning and engineering feasibility of extending streetcar service east of the Anacostia River in northeast Washington. This proposed line would pick up from where the H Street/Benning Road line, from Union Station to Oklahoma Avenue, terminates and extend to either the Minnesota Avenue or Benning Road Metrorail stations. Findings from this study will inform an upcoming environmental process.

The study addresses how the physical characteristics of the area might either help or hinder the project and various planning considerations, answering questions like:

    • What is the estimated ridership?
    • Where could the stops be located?
    • How will extending the streetcar line impact on-street parking?
    • Will the three bridges the streetcars need to cross support the weight of a fully loaded vehicle?
    • What will the impacts be on traffic in the area?

The study also identifies resources that will need further investigation to determine what affect may be expected with the arrival of streetcar. These resources include historic properties, parks, parklands, hazardous material sites, and areas potentially sensitive to noise and vibrations during construction. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) plans to kick-off an environmental document this summer to further study these resources. The environmental document will also help determine a preferred alignment and whether the extension will end at the Minnesota Avenue or Benning Road Metro station.

“We are excited with the outcome and recommendations provided in this study,” commented Ronaldo “Nick” Nicholson, DDOT Chief Engineer. “We are looking forward to continuing to work with the community and businesses during the upcoming environmental process. There will be opportunities for input and comments during the study and we are excited about the possibilities.”

The proposed extension would provide a high-capacity and sustainable premium transit option to:

    • Connect Ward 7 neighborhoods with employment and activity centers west of the river;
    • Provide connections to the regional Metrorail system and to multimodal transportation services at Union Station;
    • Provide additional transit capacity to relieve crowded bus lines; and
    • Support neighborhood plans for activity centers at the Minnesota Avenue/Benning Road intersection and elsewhere along the corridor.

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