Mayor Vincent C. Gray Welcomes DC Streetcar New Hires

All Seven New Employees for Revived Streetcar Program Are District Residents



(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Mayor Vincent C. Gray stopped by the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Anacostia Testing and Commission Site today to meet DC Streetcar’s newest hires. All seven employees on the team are District residents hailing from Wards 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The team is led by RATP Dev McDonald Transit (RDMT), the firm with which the District has contracted to operate the new streetcar network.

“This is a great day for the District of Columbia, because it represents another tangible step forward in our city’s long-awaited revival of a working streetcar system,” exclaimed Mayor Gray. “I mentioned back in May, when DC Streetcar began the search to fill these positions, that I wanted to make sure they were looking inside the District’s borders — and they did. It is a great honor to meet this team, and I look forward to seeing them again when I take my first streetcar ride.”

The seven new hires will serve in the roles of Streetcar Operator, Material Handler, Service Attendant and Maintenance Technician. They were selected from a pool of over 520 candidates. RDMT, working with The Midtown Group (a District Certified Business Enterprise), hosted a job fair in conjunction with the D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES) in May, where over 270 candidates attended. A further 250 résumés were received via e-mail.

The RDMT team expects to hire around 35 people total to operate the initial DC Streetcar line, from Union Station to Oklahoma Avenue NE along the H Street/Benning Road NE corridor. The next round of hiring is anticipated to take place this fall. When the entire 37-mile planned system is complete, the DC Streetcar system expects to employ 700 people.

The system furthers the goals and strategies of two cornerstones of the Gray Administration: the One City Action Plan and the Sustainable DC initiative. The One City Action Plan calls for greater access to a variety of transportation options to create a more sustainable city, reduce traffic congestion and provide residents with convenient access to home, work and play. One goal of the 20-year Sustainable DC plan calls for the District to improve transportation connections and access through efficient, integrated and affordable transit systems by completing 37 miles of streetcar networks, among other steps to increase the use of public transit.

Introducing a streetcar network to a city brings other numerous benefits. They include transportation and mobility benefits as well as benefits in the areas of economic development, employment access and job creation. The D.C. Office of Planning’s Streetcar Land Use Study predicts that the completed streetcar network will add $5 to $7 billion to the value of existing property and will spark an additional $5 to $8 billion in development in the 10 years after completion.

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