DRIVERS: Stay Alert and Share the Roadway

District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is back on the corridor with safety tips reminding motorists to be safe and smart when driving and parking along H/Benning!

The goal of DDOT’s safety campaign is to educate motorists about sharing the roadway and to continue to advocate for smart parking. Motorists should use caution while sharing the road with streetcars, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

The DC Streetcar Team will be visible on H/Benning issuing motorist safety cards to all vehicles on H/Benning. Pink “warning” tickets will be issued to vehicles that are improperly parked to reinforce the importance of parking within the white lines. Cars parked outside of the white lines, including double-parked vehicles, are illegally parked.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) will continue ticketing violators and/or relocating vehichles. Be safe and smart when parking, and remember: #ShareTheRoadSafely.

For more information and safety tips visit our website or call 855-413-2954.

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