Brief Closure of 12th St NE between G and H for Water Test

On Friday, November 8, 2013, beginning at 7:00 am, 12th Street NE, between H Street and G Street will be closed to traffic for a few hours as the Design-Build Team conducts a water leakage test of the Traction Power Substation (TPSS). Ensuring that the TPSS is airtight is an essential milestone leading up to the opening the H/Benning line.

Local traffic will be permitted access between Linden Place and G Street. The closure will also include the alley behind AutoZone extending from 12th to 13th Street. Traffic moving south on 12th Street should proceed east on I Street, and then southward on 13th Street. Vehicles traveling north bound on 12th Street will be diverted to the west on G Street and then north on 11th Street.

Pedestrian intersection movements will not be affected by this closure. A portion of the sidewalk on the west side of 12th street will be closed to pedestrians from directly in front of the TPSS, extending to the residences located south of Khan’s restaurant. Additionally, the fence will be moved and adjusted, as necessary to perform the test. The sidewalk and outdoor patio area adjacent to Khan’s Grill shall remain open at all times.

Please adhere to any Emergency No Parking signs that appear on the south side of H Street, closest to 12th Street and on 12th Street between G and H.

We ask that motorists and pedestrians use caution as they travel through or near the work zone, and follow all restrictions. Please watch for advance warning signs alerting motorists to changes in traffic patterns and detours. All construction activities are contingent upon weather, material and equipment availability and other unforeseen conditions. We encourage you to contact us at any time to share concerns or request more information at or (202) 210-3700. Thank you for your patience!

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