Construction Work at 3rd & H Streets

Joint Notice to the Community:

Construction Activity Updates in the 3rd & H Street Vicinity

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) DC Streetcar Team and the Steuart Investment Company, developer of the 360° H residential/retail project, have jointly prepared this updated report to the community about their forthcoming construction activities.

DC Streetcar:
Work began April 1 on Phase I construction of the Western Turnaround on top of the Hopscotch Bridge. The Phase I work – continuing through mid-June – requires the following restrictions:
1. The 800 block of 3rd Street, between H and I Streets, is restricted to local traffic only. Entrance to and exit from this block of 3rd Street will be at I Street only.
2. The 700 block of 3rd Street, between G and H Streets, is restricted to local traffic only. Entrance to and exit from this block of 3rd Street will be at G Street only.
3. Parking will be temporarily removed on 3rd Street between H and I Streets, except for spaces in front of the residences on the northeast portion of 3rd Street near I Street.
4. No turns onto 3rd Street, north or south, will be permitted from H Street.
5. In mid-June, different restrictions will be announced to accommodate Phase II & Phase III Western Turnaround construction activities extending through October.

360° H:
The Steuart firm’s 360° H General Contractor, Clark Construction, and its subcontractors are near completion of their work and plan the following activities in April through mid-May:
1. Placing granite cubes into the tree boxes & granite sidewalk inserts at the 3rd & 4th Street corners, & completing sidewalk restoration,
2. Re-installing streetlight poles and streetlights on the north side of the 300 block of H,
3. Landscaping & installation of exterior signage & canopies,
4. Restoration of the public alley behind the project & completion of “punch-list” items.

Giant Foods at 360° H:
Monday through Friday truck deliveries to stock the supermarket began during the week of April 1, and will expand to include occasional weekend deliveries after April 12 until the store opens in early May on a date to be announced later. Giant has pledged to accommodate specific neighborhood needs, to the extent possible, in scheduling its deliveries.
Conversion of I Street to Two-Way Traffic Between 3rd & 5th Streets:
The temporary conversion of I Street from 3rd to 5th to two-way traffic is now scheduled to be implemented near the end of April. The change was planned to accommodate truck deliveries to Giant during the period of 3rd & H restrictions related to streetcar construction work. Since the original conversion plan was conceived, DDOT and Giant have developed ways to accommodate the supermarket’s early- to mid-April deliveries without implementing the I Street conversion until later in April.

Download a PDF of this notice here.


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