Eastern Turnaround Track Construction Begins July 11 – Expect Changes in Lane Closures on Benning Road

On Thursday, July 11th, the DC Streetcar construction team will start work on extending the streetcar tracks on Benning Road east from Oklahoma Avenue to provide a turnaround for the streetcars.

Eastern Turnaround

Construction crews will install about 500 feet of new track, extending eastward from the end of the existing tracks just east of Oklahoma Avenue to the Metrorail Overpass. The track installation (and related demolition and utility adjustments) will take approximately three months.

The traffic restrictions that have been in place since early June in this area will be modified to accommodate the track installation. The initial restrictions were required to facilitate installation of Overhead Catenary System (OCS) foundations, which has been completed.

In the new traffic plan:

  • Eastbound and westbound Benning Road traffic will be reduced to one lane each, in the curb lanes, between Oklahoma Avenue and the Metrorail overpass. Gradual lane reductions will begin in advance of the jersey barriers. The middle and left lanes in each direction will become work zones, protected by jersey barriers.
  • Left turns and U-turns will not be permitted at any point along the work zone.
  • The Benning Road entrance into and out of RFK Stadium’s Lot 6 parking lot will continue to be inaccessible. Vehicular access will be blocked by jersey barriers, rather than the orange traffic barrels used for the past few weeks. Access to Lot 6 will be maintained via Oklahoma Avenue.
  • Eastbound and westbound motorists may continue to turn from Benning Road onto Oklahoma Avenue.
  • Northbound traffic on Oklahoma Avenue may continue to turn from Oklahoma Avenue onto eastbound or westbound Benning Road.
 Advance warning signs and traffic barrels will be used to set up lane closures along the work zone.

The schedule is subject to change due to weather, material and equipment availability and other unforeseen conditions. We encourage you to contact us at any time to share concerns or request more information. Please direct inquiries to construction@dcstreetcar.com. Thank you for your patience!


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