Streetlight Replacement Begins on H Street in May

DC Streetcar construction crews plan to start work in early May on removing 68 of H Street’s 142 twin-20 streetlight poles and lights and replacing them with new joint-use OCS (Overhead Catenary System) streetlight poles.

The contractor has scheduled the streetlight pole removal to begin in the 300 block of H Street during the first week of May. They will continue moving east block by block until the process is completed through 14th Street. Removing all 68 pole structures will take about three weeks.

From late June through August, the new OCS streetlight pole structures will be installed, again beginning in the 300 block and moving east block by block. Once dates have been finalized for installation, we will provide this information.

The streetlight poles being removed make up just under half of the 20-foot-tall poles used between the intersections of each block. Each pole bears two teardrop light fixtures and the distinctive red H Street banner. The removed poles will be used elsewhere in the city. The teardrop fixtures and H Street banners will be re-installed on the new streetlight poles. The new poles are 30 feet tall, but the light fixtures and banners will be installed at the same height as they currently occupy on the existing poles.

The poles that are being removed were installed on top of OCS foundations. The taller, sturdier poles are necessary to support electrical components feeding power to the streetcars. These types of poles were not available for use when the twin-20 poles were installed during the H Street Reconstruction Project in 2009-2011.


  • Adequate Lighting AssuredDuring the period of several weeks between streetlight removal and replacement, adequate street lighting will be maintained by the undisturbed twin-20 streetlights and the four 28.5-foot pendant streetlight poles at each of the four corners of each intersection. The Design-Build Team has determined, through complex measurements, that lighting intensity will meet DC regulatory standards in each block during this period. DC Streetcar personnel will monitor the impact to assure that adequate lighting is maintained during this temporary period.


  • Brief Work-Crew Use Of Curb Lane/Traffic Lane SpaceRegarding construction impact, construction vehicles and workers will occupy the parking lane and right traffic lane space in front of each pole that is being removed for part of one day during daytime hours. The installation of each new streetlight pole structure will take a few hours on each of several days and will occupy the parking lane. The installation schedule will be announced later, along with the schedule for removal and replacement of some of the streetlight poles on Benning Road from 15th Street to Oklahoma Avenue.


Advance warning signs will be posted in work areas. The schedule is subject to change due to weather, material and equipment availability and other unforeseen conditions. We encourage you to contact us at any time to share concerns or request more information. Please direct inquiries to Thank you for your patience!

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