Upcoming Vehicle Movements

Beginning Wednesday, June 4, the two streetcar vehicles currently undergoing testing on the H/Benning corridor will be moved to the Testing & Commissioning Site, where they will remain until mid-July.

  • Why are the vehicles being moved? It’s time for routine maintenance, which must be conducted at the Testing & Commissioning Site.
  • Will anything else occur at the Testing & Commissioning Site? In addition to routine maintenance on the two vehicles that have been testing on H/Benning, the entire streetcar fleet will undergo final installation of radios, cameras, and NextBus equipment. Exterior branding will also occur. These activities must be completed at the Testing & Commissioning Site.
  • How long will the vehicles be there? The vehicles will remain at the Testing & Commissioning Site for approximately six weeks, until H/Benning is ready to reconvene its final System Integration Tests, which is the final step prior to beginning operator training. System Integration Tests are scheduled for this summer. Until that time, there will be no streetcar vehicles on H/Benning.
  • Will these activities delay testing? No. All major construction acceptance tests along H/Benning have been completed. The streetcars are not needed until System Integration Testing reconvenes.
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