N-S Public Meeting Series #1


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The week of November 4-8, 2013, DDOT hosted four meetings located in the north, central, and south subareas of the corridor, with one meeting specific to the business community, to receive input on possible alternatives to improve public transportation in the corridor. The meetings were the first in a series of three rounds of public meetings during the planning phase of the study process.

For the purposes of locating meetings, DDOT defined the subareas as:

  • North: Takoma/Silver Spring to Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station area
  • Central: Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station area to the Downtown
  • South: Downtown to the SW Waterfront/Buzzard Point area


Results: Here’s what we heard from you

The comments we received were collected, categorized, and analyzed. Key themes emerged through our analysis of the public comments from both our meetings and local media sources. Click here to see a slideshow summarizing the comments we received.

PM1 Notepad

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Overview Presentation

The presentation covered the previous plans and studies that led to the North-South study, identified current issues in the corridor, gave an overview of the North-South study process, and explained the stations and activities for the meeting. Click here to see the presentation.


Welcome Station

Participants were greeted at this station and asked to use a pushpin to show where they live within DC. You can see the results by clicking here.

The Process Schedule board showed the graphic below explaining the Phase 1: Planning Process and how all of the information gained will feed into Phase 2: Environmental Review Process.


Station A: Setting the Stage

This station provided background information as well as a map showing the study area highlighted in a larger map of the DC area.

One of the boards was a timeline of the past transportation plans and studies, beginning in 1997, that led to the North-South study.

The other boards at this station gave an overview of transportation infrastructure, detailing existing and proposed transit, bicycle, and shared-use streets and trails:

Existing and Proposed Transit Facilities

Existing Bike and Shared-Use Facilities


Station B: Moving People through a Growing City

The boards in this station showed the current transportation issues that commuters and residents are facing in the corridor.

The Transit Congestion board showed the most popular bus stops based on the number of riders getting on and off the bus.

The Corridor Issues board compared the current and estimated future population and employment. The growth is expected to stress the transportation system if no additional capacity is added.

Finally, there was an interactive board to capture feedback on what the goals should be for the corridor study. These comments informed the need for improved transit service.


Station C: Building a Better Transportation Network

This station was the key area for participants to view the available technologies compared to other transit vehicles, give detailed feedback on specific alignment options, ask questions about service, voice concerns about new service, and give recommendations for alignment routes.

The Technologies Board comparing existing transit options such as the Circulator, articulated bus, Metrorail, and streetcar was available to help people understand the differences between each.

The first activity asked residents to place stickers, color-coded for where they live-work-play, and areas they wanted connected by transit on an enlarged map.

Residents were also able to comment on whether or not they supported the proposed alignments.

Large writing tablets were available so meeting attendees could make direct suggestions on routes or services and note any other comments, questions, or concerns. People also had the option of providing general comments via audio recording.


Our second round of meetings will be held during the week of February 18th. We hope to see you there!

Photo by thisisbossi


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