Accessibility on DC Streetcar

All stops and streetcars are ADA accessible to help all passengers have a smooth trip.


Limited Mobility Accessibility Features

  • All streetcars and stops are accessible to people using mobility devices, such as wheelchairs. 
  • DC Streetcar’s center doors are level with the platform for wheelchair accessibility and easy, direct boarding.  
  • There are designated areas on board for passengers using wheelchairs. 


DC Streetcar stops feature information in braille on pylons
Pylons at stops list the station name and additional information in braille and raised text.

Blind or Low Vision Accessibility Features

  • Along the edge of each boarding area, textured tiles that riders can feel by foot or cane, prevent riders from getting too close to the tracks. 
  • Each stop has pylons with braille/raised text listing the stations as well as a push button that will announce the next arrival.    
  • On boardupcoming stops are announced 
  • DC Streetcar allows service animals onboard. 

Deaf or Hearing-Impaired Accessibility features

  • Digital displays at each stop show when the next vehicle is expected to arrive.  
  • Displays inside the streetcars show the name of the next stop. 


The District Department of Transportation (DDOT), which runs DC Streetcar, is committed to equal access for people with disabilities and to meet its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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