Riding Basics

Thank you for riding with DC Streetcar! Read the riding basics below for an easy ride on DC Streetcar. If you are concerned about riding transit because of COVID-19, learn about DC Streetcar’s safety and health practices to address the coronavirus.


What to know before boarding

  • Plan ahead Find real-time information at the stop and on our tracker so you know when the next car will approach.
  • 12-minute intervals Streetcars arrive in 12-minute intervals. Check Service Alerts for real-time updates about service interruptions.
  • Stop locations H Street NE stops are located on each side of the street (eastbound and westbound), while Benning Road NE stops are in the center median. 
  • Board at any stop Riders may board at any of DC Streetcar’s eight stops.


Riding Tips & Etiquette

Follow these tips to get to your destination safely while riding DC Streetcar.

While you wait

Stand clear of the platform edge. 

streetview of a person's feet standing at a safe distance from the street


  • Shirt, shoes, and masks are required.  
  • Let others exit before boarding, and then enter with care. 
  • Doors open automatically for hands-free entry as part of DC Streetcar’s COVID-19 precautions 
Pick a seat
  • Be mindful of accessible seating areas reserved for people with disabilities. Please be courteous to those who may need to use them 
  • As part of DC Streetcar’s COVID-19 precautions, please spread out to maintain distance between family groups. 


Passenger using crutches boards DC Streetcar

While riding

Please follow all the posted safety rules and report any suspicious items or activity to the operator. 

  • Supervise and hold onto small children. 
  • Don’t block doorways or emergency exits. 
  • Hold on to a seat or handrail while the streetcar is in motion.  
  • Keep track of your belongings while you’re on board and be sure to secure smartphones or tablets when near the doors. 
  • Refrain from:  
    • Smoking
    • Riding with pets (service animals are permitted)
    • Eating or drinking
    • Littering or spitting
    • Riding with dangerous or flammable items
Wheels welcome on board
  • Low-floored boarding allows for easy access for bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and personal shopping carts, space-permitting. 
  • There are no internal or external bike racks onboard, so please hold bikes upright while riding. DC Streetcar encourages cyclists to follow Bike Safety guidelines near the streetcar.   


passenger on DC Streetcar stands with their child in a stroller

If there is an emergency or unsafe situation on board, tell a streetcar operator or call 9-1-1.

View more DC Streetcar safety tips.


Features on streetcar stops and vehicles make traveling easier for older riders and people with disabilities.

Safety Along the Streetcar

Tips to ensure that cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and children have safe and positive experiences.

How to Ride Video

Feel confident riding DC Streetcar, just like the Romeo in our short rom-com DC Streetcar: How to Ride.

While our tracker is undergoing an upgrade, DC Streetcar is maintaining regular service. Learn more