Ready To Ride

Get Tips on How to Ride DC Streetcar

3 Easy Steps!


Purchasing Your Ticket
Lucky You! DC Streetcar is free. In the future, fares will be announced and ticket machines installed at each stop.

Riders may board DC Streetcar at any of the eight stations. The H Street platforms are located on both sides of the street in the eastbound and westbound directions. The Benning Road platforms are on the center median. Once the streetcar arrives at your stop, press the round “Open” button on the door for the doors to open so you can step aboard!

Planning Your Trip
Streetcars are scheduled with 10-15 minute headways, meaning streetcars are expected at a stop no more than 15 minutes apart. Factors such as traffic or weather may cause delays and impact projected headways.

Streetcar Tracker

View information about your DC Streetcar in real time and find out how soon you'll be riding. Information is available via the website and smart phone apps.

How to Ride DC Streetcar

Riding Tips and Etiquette

To ensure your safety and make your trip as comfortable as possible, follow these tips when riding DC Streetcar:

  • When waiting for a streetcar, please stand clear of the platform edge.
  • Once the doors open, let others disembark before boarding, and board carefully, noting areas reserved for disabled or elderly riders.
  • All stops and streetcars are ADA accessible. On the streetcar, press the “stop request” button to exit.
  • Hold on to small children under your supervision.
  • Do not block doorways or emergency exits.
  • Use handrails when standing.
Street Car Opening

On the Streetcar

  • On the streetcar, press the  “stop request” button to signal that you want to stop.
  • Know that on DC Streetcar, it is unlawful to:
    • Smoke
    • Ride with pets (except for service animals)
    • Eat or Drink
    • Litter or Spit
    • Ride with Dangerous or Flammable Items
  • Follow all of the posted safety rules and report any suspicious items or activity to the operator.
  • Visit our Safety Page for more safety tips and information.
DCstreetcar kids safety

Bicycles are Welcome on DC Streetcar

Bikes are allowed on DC Streetcar during non-peak hours, space permitting, in the center section of the streetcars. There are no internal or external bike racks, so please hold your bike upright while riding. When traveling to and from the streetcar, we recommend using the G and I Street bike lanes to avoid riding parallel to the vehicle tracks. Remember to always cross the tracks at a right angle. (See more safety tips here.)

DC Streetcar is ADA Accessible

The modern streetcar’s interior layout is designed to accommodate wheelchairs using wide passenger doors that are level with the station platforms. The streetcars have level floor areas with substantial standing areas that can be used by wheelchairs. Vehicles also accommodate bikes and strollers.

Want More?

If you're interested to learn more about proper riding, streetcar amenities and fun facts from DDOT, download the 'How to Ride' brochure. It contains all this and more.