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Be sure to remember these safety tips when interacting with DC Streetcar:

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Hey kids! Want to be safe around DC Streetcar? Here are some fun resources for you—along with some tips to stay safe.

What is the DC Streetcar?

A streetcar is a small railroad car that moves on tracks embedded in the city streets and is used to carry passengers. Streetcars are powered by electricity that travels through the overhead wires.

Streetcars aren’t new to H Street NE

The Columbia Railway Co. began operating a horse-drawn streetcar line along H Street in 1872. They switched to electric streetcars in 1899. The streetcar service ended on H Street in 1949.

Where does the DC Streetcar go?

The Union Station to Oklahoma Avenue Line is a 2.4-mile segment along H Street and Benning Road NE. Streetcars share the streets with other vehicles. Streetcars drive in the lane where the tracks have been embedded. Buses, cars, and trucks can drive in this lane too.


  • Always look both ways before crossing the tracks. Never cross in front of a moving streetcar, bus, or car.
  • Obey signs and traffic signals.


  • Take off your headphones and pay attention when you are near streetcar tracks.
  • The streetcar rings a distinctive bell as it approaches a station stop. Listen for it.

Be safe!

  • Never cross or run in front of an approaching streetcar or between two stopped vehicles.
  • Wait until traffic has stopped before crossing and only cross at designated crosswalks. Never assume a driver sees you.

Download The Fun Here:

Lesson Plan
Student Presentation
Increase your DC Streetcar knowledge by watching this presentation.
Student Map
Student Map
Find the nearest streetcar stop to your school.
Top Ten Rules Safety Poster
Top Ten Rules Safety Poster
Safe kids know and follow these top 10 Safety Rules.
Coloring and Activity Sheet_Page_1
Coloring Sheet
Crack the Safety Code. Learn fun facts. Finish the Streetcar Word Search.
Coloring and Activity Sheet_Page_1
Activity Sheet
Color the DC Streetcar and find the hidden items.