Bike Safety: Map Your Route & Use Caution

DC Streetcar allows bikes on board, space permitting. Use the center doors for level boarding. There are no internal or external bike racks, so please hold bikes upright while on board the streetcar. 


Stay alert around the streetcar tracks:

  • Cross tracks at an angle
    Avoid getting your wheel stuck – don’t ride parallel to the streetcar tracks on H Street.  
  • Plan an alternate route
    Consider an alternate route to H Street and Benning Road. G and I Streets have contraflow bike lanes, allowing for two-way bicycle travel that is safer than riding parallel to the tracks on H Street. Gales Street NE is an alternate route to Benning Road. 

Learn about sharing the road with streetcars and using the G and I Street bike lanes in this bicyclist safety video.

Map Your Route

Map Your Route is a quick resource for cyclists to choose alternate routes to H Street. It also includes DC Streetcar stops and Capital Bikeshare locations along the H St. NE/Benning Road Corridor. Download a copy.



Pedestrian Safety

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Kids' Safety

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Motorist Safety

Follow these parking and driving guidelines when driving along the streetcar H St. NE /Benning Road streetcar route.

Rider's Guide

Find need-to-know information about traveling the DC Streetcar corridor.

While our tracker is undergoing an upgrade, DC Streetcar is maintaining regular service. Learn more