Bike Safety

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    Map Your Route

DID YOU KNOW? Bicycles are allowed on board streetcar. Use the center doors for level boarding and hold bicycles in the low-floor section only.

USE CAUTION. For bicyclists, sharing the streets with streetcars can sometimes lead to problems. Bicycle tires getting stuck in the streetcar tracks is a common occurrence, and for this reason we urge cyclists not to ride parallel to the tracks. Cyclists are more likely to crash when crossing the tracks at an angle less than 90 degrees. DDOT has provided bike lanes on G and I Streets (parallel to H Street) to use as a safe alternative to H Street. We also recommend that when crossing H Street, cyclists do so at a right angle. Check out DDOT’s Jim Sebastian demonstrating the proper way for bicyclists to share the road with streetcars (and introducing the G and I Street bike lanes) in this bicyclist safety video:

Map Your Route is a quick map resource for cyclists to choose alternate routes to H Street. It also includes DC Streetcar stops and Capital Bikeshare locations along the H/Benning Line. Download a copy here.

Have a safe and enjoyable time as you travel along the H/Benning Line corridor. Follow our safety tips:

  • Don’t ride parallel to the streetcar tracks on H Street NE.
  • Avoid getting your wheel stuck. Cross tracks at a right angle, or just walk your bike across.
  • Consider an alternate route to using H Street and Benning Road NE. G and I Streets have contraflow
    bike lanes, allowing for two-way bicycle travel that is safer than riding parallel to the tracks on H. Gales
    Street NE is an alternate route to Benning Road.

DCStreetcar Bike Alternative Map accordian